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Updated: Mar 19, 2018

This is the unofficial #BeginnersGuide to Live Wedding Art. Here you’re going to get the breakdown on how it works, what options are involved, what decisions need to be made, a cost breakdown, and how to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your interest, now here we go!

How it works

It begins with the #weddingcouple deciding what to have painted whether it be the #ceremony, the #firstlook or the #firstdance. It’s totally up to you. If it’s possible we will do a walk through with the couple to get an idea for the setup of the #venue, get a feel for what is desired and really just get to know the bride and groom a little bit.

The day of the ceremony we arrive early to paint the #landscape or #interior scene. During the ceremony I sketch in the figures as Tony takes photos for reference. During #cocktailhour and the #reception the painting is setup so that guests can enjoy watching the painting come together. At the end of the night we bring the painting back to the studio for touch-ups and finishing.

We have 4 package options. The Day-Of painting is exactly what was just described. It comes on a 24 x 30 professional canvas. The Classic Package is the same size and time invovled as the Day-Of only it comes custom framed, it comes with two full size art prints on paper and comes with 25 miniature paper prints. The Deluxe Package is the same day-of experience only it comes on a hand-built (with douglass fir stretcher bars), hand stretched (with cotton duck canvas) 27 x 36 canvas, custom framed, with two full size giclee prints on canvas with 50 miniature paper prints. The Premier Package is the cream of the crop. It’s the same day-of experience except it comes on a hand-built (with teak wood stretcher bars), hand stretched (with Belgian linen) 30 x 40 canvas, premium custom framed, with two full size hand-embellished giclee prints on canvas with 100 miniature paper prints.

The major decisions involved are first, the wedding date. You can check to see if we have your date available by connecting with us through our Contact page. The next decision is what to have painted. The most common choice is the ceremony, but couples can also choose the first dance, first look, the cake cutting, or anything else really. It’s your painting, it’s up to you. The next choice to make is which package to choose. We offer options to fit a range of budgets and visions. The final choice is the frame option (If you choose the Classic, Deluxe or Premier package.) After that, you can leave the rest up to us.

Live Wedding Art options start with the Day-Of painting at $2,500. The Classic, the Deluxe and the Premier packages cost $4,000, $7,000 and $10,000. Our local area is everywhere in Southern California. Anything outside of that will incur travel costs that are not included in the aforementioned prices.

To get started on your Live Wedding Art #painting just connect with us on our website at on our #Contact page. Check the the availability of your wedding date and get ready for a great addition to your very special day.

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