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Live Wedding Art was developed through the cooperation and collaboration of artist Taylor Gallegos and business manager Tony Watters.  The two first crossed paths in 2012 over a fondness for fun, laughter and quality human interaction.  A creative bond led them to team up in 2014 with the goal to build a business showcasing Taylor’s artistic talents.  At the time, he was creating art live in many different settings from corporate events to concerts to car shows and more.  Taylor and Tony were called to the drawing board to engineer how to most efficiently execute a live wedding painting, and the rest is history.  Over the last few years the Live Wedding Art process has matured and developed to become what it is today, a collaboration between creatives, in-action for all to enjoy. 

Live Wedding Art artist Taylor Gallegos



Taylor Gallegos is a visual artist living and working in Southern California.  His work ranges from Live Wedding Art to exploratory studio artwork, murals, album covers, portraits and custom art.  Taylor loves painting and drawing and shares the fun during drawing and painting classes he teaches.  People have always been a central focus as his subject matter.  This passion led to a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with double concentrations in Painting and Drawing at Colorado State University including a study abroad program in Italy.  His time as an art student rounded out his skills of observation, his understanding of the anatomy of the human form and also expanded the conceptual side of his artwork.  Since graduation, his work has developed to include a strong live art presence.  His experience with figures and portraits lends itself perfectly to observational paintings for all occasions. These real-time paintings have naturally opened the door to the world of Live Wedding Art.


studio manager

Tony Watters is an intuitive creator with a mind for business.  His attention to detail and an interest in design, technology and video led him to pursue a Digital Media Production degree from the Minnesota School of Business.  This broadened his knowledge in all facets of photography, videography and digital design, with a focus on business development.  Post-graduation, he experienced sports broadcasting at Fox Sports North in Minneapolis as a camera operator and highlight editor, closely following his favorite hometown teams.  A journey West to Southern California while editing an independent documentary opened fresh doors of opportunity as he developed a new found appreciation for the world of fine art.  Today you can find Tony as the key role in daily studio operations, client interaction, and management of the Live Wedding Art business as a whole; when he isn’t chasing a little white ball around nature landscapes.

Live Wedding Art manager Tony Watters
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