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Updated: Mar 19, 2018

We had the pleasure of being part of the #WanderloftParty at the Loft in Long Beach, CA this weekend. It was a wedding event for future brides and grooms featuring a bunch of great vendors in a really amazing space. It was a warm-up for the wedding season for us and it felt like a great intro into the 2018 wedding season.

For starters, we had a blast. I met up with Tony early in the morning so that we could be on the scene and get the painting started with plenty of time before the event. We had a nice drive up to Long Beach, it was a Sunday so traffic was flowing. We talked about life and Live Wedding Art, standard operating procedure for us.

When we got there we were directed upstairs to the main “ballroom” area. It was really cool looking, I was excited to turn it into a painting. The Loft is in a space that was built in the turn of the last century by the Freemasons and had that antique, authentic feel to it. Everything was hand built from the beautiful wood floors to the artistically designed ceiling to the really interesting wood-working above the stage.

As we set up our table and the easel all the other vendors were setting up their scenes. There were so many event pros crushing it. Everyone’s booth spaces looked really great. As it got closer to go time, everyone started to get settled and began walking around checking everything out. The band did sound check and sounded great. We were looking forward to when they went on.

The painting came along nicely. We figured out the best composition and I began working. By the time the event started the painting was looking awesome. We were posting to our Instagram Story as the artwork progressed. It’s been really fun using social media to connect with our community throughout weddings and events keeping people up on things as they happened.

As the event got underway the action began. Couples and their families began milling around checking out all the wedding vendors and what they offered. It was fun to hear people’s excitement as they came around and saw the painting. I was busy bringing the scene to life and Tony was explaining all the fine details to people. Once the place filled up he got a few photos of the event guests to put into the painting. We put the photos on the tablet and I started bringing people to life.

The artwork turned out really well. I got the band onstage (They were great), people scattered around the foreground, and the awesome interior of the venue. The painting ended up as a gift to the good people at The Loft as a thank you for having us at the party. They all seemed to love it. We put the hanging wires on the piece and said our goodbyes.

All in all it was a total success. We met great brides and grooms to-be, we connected with great wedding pros, (some we already knew and some we just met) and had a great time rocking it all out. These wedding industry events take a lot of planning and orchestrating, but when they go smoothly they can be really beneficial and super fun.

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