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#PSILoveYou Event

Tony and I attended an event last night at the Belamar Hotel in Hermosa Beach last night put together by the talented and awesome Mr. Eric Acuna with Friar Tux and Leilani Weddings. This was a networking/educational event and we were there to add the entertainment and content of the party. It was a great time. Here are a few highlights.

1. We reconnected with old friends

This was great. As I was painting, an old friend Angela with @halloccasions walked in the door. It was really nice to see her again. She’s been in the wedding business for years, so she was really a wealth of knowledge. I’m stoked to reconnect and hopefully we can connect on an event sometime in the future.

I also got to see Arpit with @visualsbyarpit again. We’ve been running into each other at events here and there – TheKnot party at the Rancho Santa Fe Inn last year, Las Vegas for Wedding MBA a few months back, and now here. We both felt that we’re meant to work together and collaborate in one way or another, so we’ll see what that turns into. We both loved talking about the philosophy of art, and the creative aspects of painting and photography and how it overlaps into both concepts.

2. We made new friends

We made a ton of new friends. It was cool to see the type of event that Eric with @leilaniweddings_eric puts together. He was super accommodating for us and showed us a great deal of hospitality. Jen with @firstpick is a badass in the industry. She was there early so we got to chat and she got to see the whole process of the painting. Throughout the event I heard people mentioning her expertise. Sheena with @thebelamarhotel was super on point. She helped us out with whatever we needed. And Christina with @theeventsboutique was really sweet. She kept coming by and checking on us to make sure everything was good. We had a lot of fun throughout the event chatting and having fun.

3. We learned some useful information

The event was setup as a panel. There were five couples, four of which had been recently married. They were asked questions about their whole process through booking, interacting with vendors and what elements they liked and didn’t like from different interactions. This part was great to get to hear from the client’s perspective. It’s so good to know where they are coming from.

4. The painting turned out nicely and was well received

Everyone seemed to love the painting. The scene was beautiful, complete with the lighting, the way they dressed up the tables and our models dressed up as a bride and groom. Everything was a great setup for a nice piece of live art. It’s always nice to see the excitement on people at the end of the night when they compare what they are looking at on the canvas compared to what they saw just a few hours before.

All in all it was a great experience. ABC puts on a great show. Working with Eric and the whole crew was really nice. We’re thankful and happy to be a part of it all, and look forward to the next event. Speaking of the next event, we’ve got a wedding this Saturday that is going to be fantastic. Stay tuned!

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