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Updated: Mar 19, 2018

#Hello wide world of #weddings! Welcome to the brand new Live Wedding Art #blog. Here we will be chronicling our exciting path in the #weddingindustry as we go along. We’ll be reviewing events that we partake in, discussing various #weddingpainting concepts, highlighting our friends in the wedding business, showcasing #creative #ideas, and much more. Our intention is to interact on a deeper and more #personal level online and to build our Live Wedding Art #community. We’re looking forward to what’s to come!

For this first blog post I’m going to dive into how Live Wedding Art got started.

The #story begins with the #art. I (Taylor the #painter) have been painting and drawing since I was young. I began doing live painting at #parties, #concerts and #events during art school and after graduation. I went on tour with a band, painting alongside at their shows. I began working with Tony, the #manager of Live Wedding Art in 2014. Together we set up and began working with my art as a #business, and in the beginning we worked a few live art gigs at local concerts and #corporateevents.

One day a #photographer friend asked if I could paint at his client’s wedding. I said yes, but I didn’t really know how I was going to do the painting. Weddings happen so fast! How was I supposed to capture it well? I went to the wedding and gave it a try. I wasn’t very pleased with the painting. I didn’t feel that it went very well. I thought “There’s a reason you don’t ever hear of wedding painting.”

But, we didn’t give up. Tony and I went back to the drawing board and did some #brainstorming. We broke down how one could successfully make a wedding painting work with the time frame issue in mind. We decided to try incorporating Tony’s background in #photography to capture the detail shots of the wedding #guests and then coupling that with the live painting element. This idea ultimately lead to the process as it is today.

Now Live Wedding Art is a combination of #plein-air painting, #figuredrawing and #painting, photography, #painting from photography, and of course, #entertainment. Throughout the event the different elements come together to make the overall Live Wedding Art #experience.

So far we’ve had a great time with everything. We’ve met #amazing couples. It’s been really nice to have been able to be involved in their special days. We’ve worked at great venues like the Bel-Air Bay Club in Malibu, CA, Diamond View Tower in San Diego, CA and Hotel Bula Bula in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. And we’ve worked with really talented people at all different positions within the wedding industry like Rozanne Reguly of ------, Wilmus Weddings and Cuki Zahi fo the Bel-Air B.C. The list is building and we’re really just getting started.

So stay tuned. We’ll be publishing our blog weekly. Feel free to share these with anyone who might be interested in the subject matter. Head on over, like us on #Facebook and follow us on #Instagram and #Pinterest. Don’t hesitate to #comment with #ideas or #questions about anything.


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