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Updated: Mar 19, 2018

#Welcome to the Live Wedding Art Blog, Taylor here. I’m taking this #opportunity to #introduce myself to you all. My full name is Taylor Gallegos. I’m a #visualartist #originally from #Boulder, #Colorado. I moved to #SanDiego in 2011 and have loved living here ever since.

My specialty is #painting and #drawing. I’ve been using those media to make art since I was a child. My focus has been mainly #people, #portraits, #animal life and #abstracts. I began drawing plants, dinosaurs and animals (about age 3 to age 10). As I got a little older I got into comic books and drew #comicbook characters like #batman and #spiderman a lot (age 10 to 14). As a teen I got really into sports and would draw and paint all my favorite #athletes. I was using #pencil, #pen and #watercolor a lot then. Then In #highschool I took my first art class and began being challenged to create more complex #artwork, drawing portraits of myself and other people. I really loved my time in my high school art classes.

I then attended art school at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. I received my Bachelor's in Fine Art with a double concentration in Drawing and Painting. I spent my time there learning and developing my #technicalskills. I learned to draw still life setups, natural elements, abstraction, and I fine tuned my figural and portrait work. I learned how to paint with #acrylics and #oils. I got to study abroad and spend a semester in #Tuscany, #Italy. We visited countless #historical art sites and learned in detail all about the #Italianrenaissance. My time at #college was a great experience.

After graduation, I continued making art constantly. I did small murals, custom artwork, and studio artwork for shows in Fort Collins and other cities on the front range of #Colorado. I did live art for small events, at restaurants and at wine bars. I toured with a band out of Fort Collins doing art while they played. I was represented by a few local galleries. I was really productive in that time period, just learning my craft.

I then moved to #California and wanted to find my way on the #WestCoast. I learned to #surf and my studio art became all about the #ocean and #sealife. I was doing custom art commissions often. I found a few contacts that set me up with live art at shows at #TheBellyUp and other venues around #SanDiego. A few years ago I linked up with a muralist and began working to help develop her murals, often helping with the figural and portrait elements in the paintings.

In 2014, Tony and I began working together to push the #business of my artwork further. We did shows at some local art spaces and got into more live art scenes. Live Wedding Art was the jewel that came from our #collaboration. In 2015 we first gave it a try. In 2016 we realized that we really had something there and we started to grow the concept. By 2017 we were going full on and did a handful of quality wedding paintings. Now in 2018, we’re officially here. We’ve developed the #concept, the #brand, our approach and ourselves in the business.

With all my background and training, Live Wedding Art is a perfect fit. I love drawing and painting people. I love painting live and being around a crowd while I work. I’m very gregarious, so being at weddings is a blast for me. Everything lends itself perfectly for me to be the wedding painter here at Live Wedding Art. At this point, #thesky’sthelimit.

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