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Updated: Mar 19, 2018

We get a lot of #questions about Live Wedding Art but there are a few that get asked more often than others. Wedding painting is a relatively unknown concept so it’s totally understandable that people haven’t often heard about it or know what the experience is all about. Even more than that, every #artist is a #unique #creative individual and #wedding artists are no different. To further explain, here is a list of the top 5 questions that we get asked and our answers to them.

  1. How does it work? Live Wedding Art is a #collaboration between me (the #painter), Tony (the #photographer) and the #weddingcouple. It starts with the couple’s vision of what they want for their painting, be it the #ceremony, the #firstlook, the #firstdance, etc. From that information we know our #inspiration and #concept. We show up hours before-hand and I begin painting the landscape or interior of the artwork. The #background comes together as the ceremony takes place. During this time I sketch in the figures and basic shapes while Tony takes photos for reference. After the ceremony we transition to the secondary easel location where we will be for the rest of the evening. I work from the selected photos that Tony has taken and paint throughout #cocktailhour and the #reception. Guests get to watch as I bring the couple and the #weddingparty to life while they celebrate and enjoy the #party. By the end of the night the live portion of the painting is complete. All paintings are then brought back to the studio for varying levels of touch-up, depending on what package option the couple has chosen.

  1. How long does it take? The day-of painting element takes about 8 hours; 3 and half hours pre-ceremony, ½ an hour during the ceremony, and then 4 hours of cocktail hour and reception time. The Day-Of and Classic options include a light studio touch-up that may take an hour or two. The Deluxe package option gets 10 hours of studio time. The Premier package option receives 20 hours of studio time.

  1. How big is the #artwork? The Day-Of painting and the Classic are both painted on 24 x 30 inch canvases, the Deluxe is painted on a 27 x 36 inch canvas, and the Premier is painted on a 30 x 40 inch canvas.

  1. Does it make you nervous having people watch as you paint? Maybe a little bit. But it's okay. It increases the intensity and the fun, but it doesn’t make me nervous in a bad way. I love the excitement that live art brings to people and a party in general. It’s fun to watch people engage with the art process in their own individual ways and it gives me that extra incentive to really nail the portraits and figures as well as possible.

  1. Do people talk to you while you paint? Yes definitely. Everyone has a different relationship with art. Some people have had a lot of experience with it and some have almost none, but everyone’s opinions and questions are valid and invited. I love hearing the stories that people have about the people that they know that do art and the art people are thinking of doing. I love seeing who connects with what part of the concept and hearing what people think of it all. The people observing the process throughout is what makes the magic of the concept so great.

So that’s the list of the 5 most common questions that we receive here at Live Wedding Art. We love the overall experience of bringing live art to weddings and events, and the people are the best part of it all. Art brings a unique vibe to a party and the guest interaction is where we can feel that the most. Don’t hesitate to reach out with comments or questions you may have for us.

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